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Wikidsmart for OpenStack

Wikidsmart is a powerful open source platform that allows you to instantly integrate any software engineering tool as well as your CRM. Connectors are available today for Confluence, JIRA, FishEye, Selenium,, Zendesk, Launchpad, Gerrit, and Git, as well as applications that support REST interfaces.  Addiitonal connectors can be created as desired by your own team or by engaging with zAgile's services team.  The instant integration enables ultimate interoperability, traceability, and faceted search of content across the environment.

Wikidsmart for OpenStack powers the development Activity Board for OpenStack – which provides a visual overview of all the OpenStack public activity of community members across multiple dimensions: contributors and organizations, projects and code-related contributions. From a single interface, you can easily surf OpenStack project content, whether it is coming from the Launchpad bug tracker, Git version control system or Gerrit code review application--all mapped against the OpenStack Foundation members database.

The intention of the Activity Board is to give the community a way to answer very precise questions like: who’s contributing to that particular project? What is that developer working on? Which commits/changes are related to a particular bug? Who’s joined the development community recently? etc.

And for OpenStack corporate members, Wikidsmart also allows you to integrate your own internal tools with the OpenStack community project content to allow you to create your own composite internal dashboard, to provide your teams with instant and precise access to community activity and efforts.   Wikidsmart Context Server’s approach enables you to integrate your tools to automatically build a cohesive view of all content. That means you don’t have to do extensive integration work which can be quite costly to build and maintain. 

Wikidsmart for OpenStack includes Wikidsmart Context Server (WCS) and is driven by the contextually integrated content of WCS and its software engineering knowledge model.


The following documentation for Wikidsmart for OpenStack is available at OpenStack Activities Docs


Integrating OpenStack Activities Across Github, Launchpad and Gerrit


Installation of Wikidsmart for OpenStack consists of three main steps, outlined below. The process assumes that Confluence has been previously installed and is operational.

  1. Installing Wikidsmart Context Server
  2. Installing Wikidsmart Plugin for Confluence
  3. Configuring Wikidsmart REST Importer

    Please note that Wikidsmart Applications 4 supports Confluence 4.3.  If you require it for other versions of Confluence, please contact us at info @

Data Import

Once Wikidsmart Context Server, Wikidsmart plugin and REST Importer are installed, the following docs describes how to  import data from  Gerrit, Launchpad and Github.

  1. Additional Wikidsmart Confluence Plugin Configurations for OpenStack
  2. Importing From Gerrit, Launchpad and GitHub

Other files

  1. Wikidsmart for OpenStack Dependent Libs and Licenses lists the libraries used in the product and their respective licenses.

Additional documentation on advanced configuration and customization is available here: Wikidsmart Documentation and Examples


Additional documentation (below) is available at zAgile's Wikidsmart Sandbox

Advanced Topics

 Semantic Macros Guide

 These macros are used to build Smart Templates in Confluence

 Smart Templates Guide

 These templates are used to create structured content in Confluence
 zRendering Templates Guide These templates are used by Wikidsmart to render properties of instances of various key categories which are created either in Confluence or in other tools such as JIRA.

Designing and Working with Reports

Packaged Reports with Wikidsmart for Openstack

Designing Reports for Wikidsmart Applications

zAgile's Metamodel for Software Engineering



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