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Welcome to OpenStack Community Activity Insights. This space contains information collected from OpenStack Review system (Gerrit), code repository (github), bug tracking system (Launchpad) and from the OpenStack Foundation members database. The information extracted from each of these tools is enriched with a semantic layer that allows navigation and search across all of them. On the Activity Data you'll find out who (person or company) has been contributing to any of the OpenStack projects, the latest activities (code or bug changes, reviews), new companies joining, etc.

Known issues

  • Please consider this a Work In Progress: please send all your comments to or log issues on
  • The data about affiliation of people is not precise. We get data about the people from the OpenStack Foundation membership database that at the moment is lacking a system to enter the historical data about a person's affiliation. We hope to have good, reliable data soon.
  • Data and charts on some pages are updated nightly. Since we're still experimenting, some of the queries are huge and take too much time to complete. We've built a cache system to speed up site responses.
  • To use the Semantic search type the facet you want to search (ex. 'commit') in the drop down menu and enter the keywords you want to search for (wildcards admitted).
  • Other issues logged

Daily Commit Activity - Past 3 Months


Daily Bug Fixing Activity - Past 3 Months

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